What is the best website hosting for a small business?

Step 2: Claim Your Own Little Piece of the 'Inter-Web'

Wondering what is the best website hosting for a small business? ‘Blue host’, or more correctly, Bluehostoffers outstanding value, huge storage space, is WordPress recommended, and has options for any website owner from brand-new blogger to professional entrepreneur.

What is the best website hosting for a small business

This is my second blog post in a series designed to move you from newbie online marketer with a vision, to an experienced blogger or website owner serving up valuable content to the masses!

Here is where we’re at so far in this training-series lifecycle with a lot of valuable information in-between.

Domain Name > Hosting > Website

What is the best website hosting for a small business


What is Website Hosting?

Think of it like this:

If a domain name is your ‘house number’, think of hosting as your actual ‘house’. Your domain name (in other words, your www.YourWebsite.com) uniquely identifies you on the world wide web, and your hosting is the ‘house’ that your number (domain name) is attached to.

Without hosting, you don’t have a house. Without hosting, you simply own a domain name, nothing more.

Make sense? 

While there are some free options out there for hosting, you often get what you pay for. In the case of Bluehost, my opinion is that you get more than what you pay for. Read on as I break down the plans that Bluehost offers and I will recommend a plan.

Don’t have a domain name?

No problem. You can click on the button below to find the right domain for you and your company. 

What is the best website hosting for a small business?

NOTE: I discussed how to choose a domain name and the right extension (.com, .org., .net etc.) in ‘Part 1’. You can CLICK HERE to read that blog post.

What do I get with Bluehost Website Hosting?

Below, you can see the three packages that Bluehost showcases . I’ve developed countless websites for our clients, and nine times out of ten, I recommend the plus plan and it offers more than enough features for a small-to-medium sized business with room to grow.

If you look at the first item ‘websites’ in the list to the left of the chart, you’ll see you are limited to just one website with the ‘basic’ plan. The benefit of having more space at your disposal is that as your business and marketing initiatives evolve and grow over time, you can add more domain names to your single hosting plan.

Remember my analogy above?

This means that you can now have unlimited ‘house numbers’ attached to your online bit of real-estate. Congratulations – you’ve moved from owning a single dwelling to owning multi-resident complex, and it gets better from there… 

What is the best website hosting for a small business?

Parked Domains:

‘Parked domains’ is a handy little feature which allows you to ‘point’ a separate domain to your main website. Think of this like a forwarding address for your physical mail.

Let’s pretend you own ‘www.YourFavouriteCar.com’ — A few months later you purchase another domain that’s related to your main site – let’s call it ‘www.YourFavouriteRoadster.com’.

Now, you may not be interested developing a website for this second domain, but you want anyone who types in your parked domain name into their web browser to end up at your main website, ‘www.YourFavouriteCar.com’.

Domain Parking allows you to forward the address so that all traffic will end up at your primary website. Pretty cool.

Add-on Domains:

This is a great feature as well.

Say you do want to develop that secondary domain name into a full-blown website — no problem. This previously ‘parked’ domain can now live as a ‘child’ domain of your parent site but to your user, it will appear as it’s own website with it’s own unique domain name. 

In other words, it won’t look like: www.YourFavouriteRoadster.YourFavouriteCar.com

Instead, it will show up as: ‘www.YourFavouriteRoadster.com’ for your user.

The benefit of this is that you don’t have to purchase another hosting plan to cover your additional domains. Some hosting companies charge you ‘rent’ for any domain name you attach to your account.

Not with Bluehost – feel free to add on as many domains as you wish.

Email Accounts:

Having a unique email account that represents your domain name is critical for your branding. Consider this – what looks more professional:




I trust you’ll agree that the second option reads as being more professional.

See, presentation is key. Think of your website like your experience at a restaurant – the storefront, parking, signage, music, interior, smell… whether you realize it or not, it all adds up to the total package.


The same thing applies online:

Your website, images, content, logo, graphics, response time etc. all add to your credibility and serve to separate you from your competition.

The details matter.

On a platform as highly competitive and saturated as the ‘World Wide Web’, it’s important to always put your best foot forward and lead as a professional. It doesn’t mean you’ll always get it right – heck, I’m making mistakes, redoing, revising and learning all the time – it’s all part of the game. It’s okay to fail; Just make sure you fail forward.

What is the Best Website Hosting for a Small Business?

Opinions are going to vary, as opinions do.

Here’s my ‘street cred’:

Before coaching, I was a graphic designer and website developer, exclusively. I’ve utilized many hosting services ranging from ‘free’ to quite costly. In about 2006, I discovered Bluehost and have been both using and referring all of our clients and the coaches to them.

Regardless of your industry, from small business and blogger to MLM and entrepreneur, Bluehost will serve you well, and their customer service is top-notch.

OK, How do I get Bluehost Hosting? I’m in.

  1. First things first, head over to Bluehost by clicking here.
    You’re going to see a screen like this – just click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button.What is the best website hosting for a small business?
  2. Next, you’ll be taken to a screen to choose your plan. I generally recommend the ‘PLUS’ plan, but choose what you feel will serve your needs the best.
    What is the best website hosting for a small business
  3. From here, you’ll be take to a screen to enter your domain name or to register a new domain. If you have a domain name already just enter it in the box on the right. If you want to register a brand new domain name first, enter it in the box on the left. Easy.What is the best website hosting for a small business

What about Installing WordPress on Bluehost?

You’re hungry for knowledge – I like that!

WordPress is one of the biggest and well-known blogging and website building platforms out there, and the good news…. Bluehost is WordPress ready! If you can click a button, you can install WordPress within Bluehost via your control panel.

What is the best website hosting for a small business


You’ve completed a huge step toward getting yourself online.

I’ll be writing a blog post on WordPress setup, ‘theme’ selection and integration very soon, so don’t worry – My goal is to move you from newbie to pro in no-time!

Be sure to read my next blog post in this series, titled: How to install WordPress in Bluehost‘.

Domain Name > Hosting > Website

What is the best website hosting for a small business

Ready to get started with Bluehost to host your new website?

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I hope you’ve found my article on ‘What is the Best Website Hosting for a Small Business’ helpful and that it will help move you toward your goals. 

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