Review of Jon Mercer’s ‘Stronger Better Happier!’

We all face challenges. How we react to those challenges is typically a direct results of our programming. Do we put distance between stimulus and response? Do we react quickly and automatically? Can we learn to control our reactions, programs and the OS (operating system) on which we run? Better yet, can we un-learn what has shaped us (and is no longer serving us) in view of living a better life? The answer is an emphatic ‘YES!’


Having read a great number of self-developent books, there are always certain ones that resonate. I had the privilege of seeing Jon Mercer speak at PSI Seminars in High Valley Ranch, California earlier this month, and seeing Jon was one of those pivotal moments for me and highlighted my experience there. I should point out that the lineup for this one week seminar was graced with teachings from Dr. John Demartini, Lisa Nichols, Mel Robbins, Brian Dodge, Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Dr. Ernesto Sirolli. What I enjoyed the most was Jon’s humble approach and accessible style. Amidst colourful anecdotes, Jon offered accessible exercises which facilitated many of his teachings. I was hooked after playing with a few of his techniques and was hungry to learn more, hence my purchase of his book, “Stronger Better Happier!”

Jon’s personable style and content made the book a quick read and one I will go back to again, as there is a more than enough to learn and apply. In addition, Jon offers practical exercises and step-by-step instructions from a man who’s been ‘there’ himself and admits openly to his own struggles and challenges in his life. Jon is both professional and personable which makes the read even that much more riveting.

Jon Mercer, MA is both a master practitioner of ‘neuro-linguistic programming’ (NLP), and an acclaimed personal development coach who has made a career out of helping individuals “remake” their lives in profound ways, from overcoming anxiety, phobias and depression, in order to gain confidence and to attain a “success mindset.” A few of the techniques I learned from Jon’s book (in addition to being reminded to take a proactive approach to change and growth), were ‘mental loops’, ‘happiness triggers’, ‘assumed responsibility’ and ‘permanence objections’, as well as practical “mental workouts” and visualization techniques that help to boost mood, confidence and overall results.

In sum, Jon offers a practical, ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ approach and ‘brain hacks’ that can be put to use immediately. Like anything, these techniques will take practice and I look forward to incorporating them into my daily life and ongoing pursuit of being ‘Stronger, Better and Happier’. Like exercise, daily practice is vital for mastery; Fitness is not just of the body, but of the mind as well. Ready to hit the mental ‘gym’? I highly recommend picking up his book – read on…

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Jon (super guy) was kind enough to extend an exclusive offer to subscribers of Body Coach Canada. Thanks Jon!

Here’s the rundown: If you invest in Jon’s book, take a selfie with the book and post it to Jon’s Facebook wall (or in a private message), Jon will send you the audiobook edition for free.

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Mike Whitney with Jon Mercer's Book

You can learn more about Jon Mercer at his website,

Order Jon Mercer’s ‘Stronger, Better, Happier’

[amazon-element asin=”1463746504″ fields=”title,lg-image,large-image-link” labels=”large-image-link::click for larger image:,title-wrap::h2,title::Jon Mercer, MA: Stronger Better Happier! Amazing Techniques to Remake Your Life”] “Stronger Better Happier!” is both motivational and practical, including some of the most powerful (and at times, unusual) techniques to improve mood and personal energy, overcome limiting beliefs and low self esteem, and build a “winning,” optimistic, self-confident state of mind. [amazon-element asin=”1463746504″ fields=”desc,gallery,ListPrice,new-price,LowestUsedPrice,button” labels=”desc::Book Description:,ListPrice::SRP:,new-price::New From:,LowestUsedPrice::Used From:” msg_instock=”Available”]

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