Mike’s P90X Transformation

Flash-back to 2008. My wife and I had just moved into our second home, were recently married, and had our first baby on the way. I had all of the typical ‘new father’ anxiety and wanted to do everything right, and not repeat the mistakes my parents had made (boy was I in for some challenges – that’s another blog post ;) ). I read all the parenting books and felt about as ready as I could for our beautiful little girl to enter the world… that is, except for one nagging issue; I was fat and depressed.


Prior to this point, I kind of coasted through my 20s, rode on a quick metabolism, had spent three years in the Canadian Infantry, ate ‘pretty good’ and hit the gym about 3-4 times per week. It seemed that suddenly, I was seeing the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and mediocre diet compounding and creating a person I did not like to look at in the mirror. My father had suffered his first heart attack in his 30s, and had several others before 50. I knew that if I continued on my path I could likely suffer the same afflictions and I would have no one to blame but myself (and maybe genetics, but I knew I had the choice to control many variables).

With baby en-route, I also knew I did not want to be a ‘fat dad’. Being overweight almost seemed synonymous with being a father. However, I’ve never been one to settle for mediocrity and I knew something had to change. I was depressed, I felt unattractive to my wife, I hid under a t-shirt at the beach, and my lack of discipline was affecting how I was showing up in my relationships and in the world. The final ‘straw’ was visiting a friend on the coast one Christmas whom I had not seen in about 3 years. “Man, you’ve gotten fat!” were some of his first words, and those cut me. They say a true friend will be brutally honest with you. Those words bounced around in my head like a steely in a pinball machine – it was time to take action, but how?

What I lacked was an inclusive ‘do-this-get-results’ system to get me fit. What I craved was a road map. Countless times I’d thought, “If I just had someone who could tell me exactly what to eat and what to lift, I’d have it made.” See, I had the discipline – what I lacked was a plan. Then one night, my questions (although I didn’t completely ‘buy in’) were answered.

I say ‘buy in’ because I was extremely skeptical at first. Were the transformation stories real? Were they sponsored? Were they photoshopped? I took a chance on a late-night infomercial for P90X and the rest, as they say, is history. I mentally prepared, read the guide, followed the nutrition plan to the letter, hit every single workout for 90 days and saw the bulk of my life transformation in 3 short months. I tapped into the support system and combined with my discipline, I remained accountable in view of being a healthy father, a better husband and a happier person all-around.

Here is my 3 month transformation for ‘Round 1’ (Round 2 is below):


P90X Transformation Day 1P90X Transformation Day 90

I couldn’t be more truthful when I say P90X changed my life. Within the first 90 days, I dropped from 179lbs to 155 lbs, and reduced my body fat by 9%.The combination of effective exercise, a premier nutrition plan, and ongoing support was the difference between getting amazing results and continuing to ‘meander’ using the so called ‘plan’ I had been following. With so many gurus online and different training and nutrition protocols, I was dizzy trying to figure it all out. P90X gave me a clear-cut solution and I’ve used this system to train countless clients.

Why? Well, if it’s not clear to you by now, using P90X in one of our Challenge Groups, the road is paved for you, your pack is loaded, and you have all of the tools, knowledge and experience to get you from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’. What more could you ask for. Put simply, if you’re ready to take control of your health and fitness, and want the quickest results in the least amount of time, I would highly recommend that you APPLY NOW and get on board.


An Interview After P90X

[perch_toggle title=”Why did you make the decision to do your specific workout program, and what program did you complete? What, if anything, almost kept you from investing in the program or starting at all?”]I decided to begin P90X after seeing an ‘infomercial’. Classic story, I know. I too am one of those people who would never typically order anything off of the TV, but something clicked with me. In short, the information made sense. I had reached a point of being disgusted with where I’d let my body get to, and P90X looked like a potential solution. ‘Skepticism’ kept me from almost ‘not’ ordering. I took a leap of faith, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.[/perch_toggle]

[perch_toggle title=”What were a few of your goals?”]First, I wanted to achieve lean, usable muscle. I had worked out in the gym for 8 years prior, and thought I had a good handle on my workouts. The issue was repetition, and ultimately stagnation. 2003-2006 I served in the Infantry and had hoped I’d reach my goals there, but did not. Before the ‘X’ I hit close to 180 lbs and was getting pretty soft. I wanted to bring my weight down to about 150 lbs, and in 3 months I did just that – to a ‘T’ (or should I say, to an ‘X’).[/perch_toggle]

[perch_toggle title=”How did your program compare to other programs or diets that you’ve tried? How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?”]No comparison. Until this point, I had followed routines I read in magazines and spent way too much money on supplements believing they were the ‘magic formula’ to get me real results. Since the program, I have continued improving on my physique and have coached countless others do the same.Health and fitness are now a lifestyle for both me and my wife.[/perch_toggle]

[perch_toggle title=”What sticks out in your mind as far as your coach helping you through your transformation?”]My coach was a great mentor in terms of answering questions that I had regarding diet and some of the exercises. It was helpful having someone who had been through the program and who understood my goals and what I wanted to achieve. That is one of the main reasons I became a coach in 2012 – I wanted to pay-it-forward and help those struggling to get real results.[/perch_toggle]

[perch_toggle title=”What were some tools and strategies you used to help keep you on track?”]Establishing the correct calorie range for my goals, working out the correct macronutrients, and tracking everything with precision using My Fitness Pal, were key. Also, having access to a coach to help me with some minor nutrition questions was quite helpful as well. My coach was a great source of motivation and insight.[/perch_toggle]

[perch_toggle title=”How important is Shakeology to you now?”]It is key. I’m not a huge supplement guy, but do believe in some basics. Shakeology for me is more health insurance than anything else. The ingredients are second-to-none and are ‘super foods’ sourced from around the glove. Quality is important to me, and these dense nutrition shakes give me far more than any protein shake could. Let’s face it – our veggies (of which most people don’t get enough of) are loaded with pesticides, degraded nutritionally, and are grown in depleted soil. Our bodies are literally starving for micronutrients. Shakeolgoy revitalizes me, gives me energy, curbs cravings and speeds up recovery. I wouldn’t got a day without it.[/perch_toggle]

[perch_toggle title=”Anything else? Please provide us with a testimonial! Your personal experience will resonate with others as we create a ‘wellness wave’ and help get others fit and healthy!”]The Challenge Groups are key and really are the missing link in the entire success equation. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read that clients would have otherwise quit, or skipped a workout had it not been for the support of the group. People get busy – everyone is, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in taking care of the kids, working, studying and sadly people put their own health last on the list. We have mommies who give every last drop of themselves to their family and over time it just wears the down. The irony is, if they aren’t at their best, they can’t give their best. Our goal is to empower people and have them transform and move into they greatness. People often underestimate how far-reaching a physical transformation is; It’s not what we become physically, but ‘who’ we become through having to reach that physical milestone. That is what we’re building – ‘that’ yields real and lasting change.[/perch_toggle]


So how did Mike achieve his results?

  • He worked out every day.
  • He ate clean every day.
  • He drank Shakeology every day.
  • He didn’t make excuses.
  • He planned for success.
  • He kept sight of his end-goal.
  • He sacrificed when necessary.

Want to get amazing results, too?

My results took consistency and hard work. The thing is, there is no ‘magic’ and no ‘secrets’ – it just takes the right combination of coaching, support, nutrition and exercise.

By signing me up as your Beachbody Coach, I can help you choose the right program, help fit your workout into your daily routine, and assist you with information on diet and exercise for FREE.

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