May 2014 Fitness Challenge Group

If I could provide for you with a 21 day workout program including a simple eating system that helps you with portion control and told you exactly what to eat, AND you could lose 5-10+ pounds in that 21 days, would you be interested?

May 2014 Fitness Challenge Group

My May 2014 Fitness Challenge Group is open to EVERYONE across the US and Canada. As usual, I’m running a ‘mixed bag’ Challenge from novice to experienced lifter, young to old, and male to female.

Of note, I’ve found that ‘mommies’, who are ready to fast-track their fitness (especially after baby), love the  ’21 Day Fix’ program. WHY? Because there is no guess-work, no calorie counting, just good ol’ fashioned hard work and clean eating.

Ready for a longer commitment? I’ve got you covered — 60 days, 90 days, 25 minutes per day, or an hour plus…we’ll find the right program for you based on your specific goals.

As mentioned, this is a ‘mixed bag’ fitness challenge. We all have our story, our own experiences and our own strengths. Champions help lift others up, and that is the exact environment I’m looking to create. Also, keeping the group dynamic helps to support everyone and keeps things interesting! Sound like you?

“What’s Included in the Challenge?”

  • Your workout program on DVD
  • Daily coaching, motivation and exclusive group support.
  • Meal plans, specific calorie targets and clean eating advice.
  • Shakeology (The Healthiest Meal of the Day)

To apply for my May 2014 Fitness Challenge Group, please complete this form:

Then, shoot me a friend request here so we can chat in real time:

“Alright, so when does the Challenge Start?”

Challenge will begin May 26th, 2014.  Order Deadline: Monday March 12th

Yeah, but what will this cost me?

First off, this isn’t a ‘cost’, but an investment in YOU! Okay, semantics aside, once I’ve had a chance to review your application, we’ll work together to choose a ‘Challenge Pack’ which includes everything you need for your challenge. This will run anywhere from $140 – $245 depending on the program. That’s a nominal investment for 1-3 months of personal training, daily attention, meal plans, fitness program and life-changing results. There are also some great deals on P90X3 AND TurboFire this entire month!

Best in health,

Mike Whitney

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