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Coaching others to improved health and fitness has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. In a way, we feel as though everything in our life has built us up and positioned us for success in this business. More than that, coaching has been an incubator for growth in our lives on all levels. Through teaching, coaching, and training hundreds of clients, we get to re-evaluate what we are doing and strive for excellence on every level of our own lives.


Also, coaching has opened financial and interpersonal doors for us and has allowed us to live a life by design, vs default. We have greater freedom in our lives on all levels, and enjoy more time and experiences with our children – our ultimate goal. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it’s been an enjoyable and extremely rewarding process. Like any new business, it takes time to build and get off the ground, but I promise you, this business will reward you in ways you can’t imagine. The returns compound, so the efforts we put in, consistently, yield huge dividends in all areas.

With virtually no overhead and little start-up costs aside from your time, becoming a Beachbody coach is one of the most lucrative decisions you can make if you’re a self-starter, are dedicated to growing, and are simply looking for a better way. We are constantly expanding our team and are looking for dynamic, motivated and driven people to help us spread our wellness wave.

A few things to consider before applying: 

  1. You must be willing and ready to get in the best shape of your life using Beachbody programs and/or products (P90X, T-25, 21 Day Fix, Insanity, Shakeology, etc.). We will be coaching you not only with the business, but on the best health and nutrition practices. NOTE: You do not need to be a fitness professional, nor do you need to be at your ‘ideal’ body weight or physique. People relate to our story and our journey – not ‘perfection’. However, you must be willing to lead by example and be a product of the products! 
  2. You must FULLY commit to completing ALL coach training assignments and agree to living OUTSIDE of your comfort zone! Change is not easy. It takes time, and dedication (just like our health and fitness), but we have essentially compressed a 30 year career into 4 years, and we are helping others to do the SAME so that they can fit their work around their LIFE, rather than fitting their life around their WORK.  
  3. You must be COACHABLE, TEACHABLE & COMMITTED. We are going to openly share in just 21 days what took us HUNDREDS of hours and MANY mistakes over the past 3 years to learn about and master this business! Essentially, we’ve navigated through the labyrinth and you get to reap the rewards of our time in this business. Better yet, we will be offering our training to you for FREE, as we invest our time into you and help you create and establish your own at-home business. What we require in return is for you to meet us half way and be dedicated to your success.

If you have longed for more freedom, more financial stability, to make a difference in the world and the lives of others, while being connected to people who are doing the same… this just may be the opportunity you have been looking for. 

We are always in search of coaches who match the culture and integrity of our team! If you feel like you are ready to start taking steps to living YOUR LIFE by design, versus ‘default’, then complete the application below!

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