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So what is a Challenge Group?

Join A Challenge Group. Get Fit.It’s simple.

Once per month, we recruit 4-5 like-minded individuals who are serious and dedicated about their fitness goals, and invite them to participate in a private Challenge Group.

Think of this group as your very own ‘accountability’ group. It is here that we will share specific fitness tips for the program you’ve chosen (Beachbody has many home fitness programs suiting any age and fitness level), and encourage daily feedback as you work through it from ‘start to fit’.

My wife and I are actively coaching the groups each day to keep you on-point, checked-in and accountable so that you can achieve the best results possible during the course of your program. Additionally, you have the peer support of your teammates to cheer you on each and every day.

Commonly asked questions about the Challenge Group

Question: “Can anyone join a Challenge Group?”

Well, yes and no.  We are specifically looking  for those who want to get serious results (like those shown in the infomercial – you know, the drastic 90 day before-after). These types of results can only be achieved with proper supplements and nutrition. In a nutshell, your head has to be in the game. Remember, intent without dedicated action is not enough. Action without intent is a waste. It is only when action and intent are aligned that results happen. 

We’re not asking for perfection or six-pack abs to qualify, but we are looking for 100% dedication to our system (read as: “100% dedication to health and wellness”.)

Question: “Where do I do the workouts?”

Workouts are done from the privacy of your own home, often with minimal equipment.

Question: “How do you coach me?”

Within the private Facebook Group, I will be there to provide ongoing training advice, diet support, and answer any questions you may have about the program. As well, others in the group will share their struggles, victories, tips and strategies, first-hand, as they work through the program.

UPDATE: We now have a dedicated app that you can access via a download link. This means you can check-in daily right from your phone.

Question: “What do I do to get started?”

First things first, we will need to choose a workout program that interests you.

I recommend sending me an email so that I can get a clear view of your fitness and health goals, what you’ve been struggling with, and what you would like to achieve with a home fitness program such as 21 Day Fix, P90X, Insanity, BodyBeast, or Turbo Fire.

You can also send me a note through the contact form.

Question: “Why do I need a Challenge Group? Can’t I just do the workouts at home?”

Countless studies have been conducted to figure out what makes some people successful at losing weight or getting fit while others struggle at it.

All are conclusive in their determination that individuals with the best support systems are more likely to stick to their weight loss or fitness program over the long term than people who try to do it on their own.

Fitness plus nutrition plus support equals success

Success is a system that comes from doing several things well, not just one thing. If you’re only focusing on working out, you’re approach is like a one-legged stool and it’s not going to support you for very long.

When you invest in your health with a Beachbody Challenge Pack – not only are you receiving the tools and nutrition you need to reach your goals – but you are joining a group of people who are ready to support you and offer you a support system.

Question: “What will it cost?”

First off, I want you to switch your lens from ‘cost’ to ‘investment’. This is an investment in your health and wellbeing and will not only impact your life, but the lives of those around you.

The real ‘cost’ is the cost of doing nothing, remaining stuck, feeling frustrated and suffering with low self-esteem.

Our coaching is always FREE.

Your only cost is for your Challenge Pack of choice. On average, when we break this down, you’re typically investing about $5 per day.

That price includes your complete program on DVD, Shakeology each day, daily coaching from us, peer support, private access to our Challenge Group, and life-changing results.

Compared to what most people will drop at their local coffee shop each day, this is pretty modest investment for the value you’ll receive.

Question: I already have P90X (or another Beachbody program) do I need anything else?

I strongly recommend Shakeology during your program, and even after.

My wife and I have incorporated it into our daily routine and have seen substantial increases in results, recovery, stamina and energy. Nutrition is 70% of the success equation, and you’ve heard the adage, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” I can’t stress this point enough.

If a program is 90 days, that’s 3 months you’ll be dedicating to fitness! I encourage you to maximize this time and give your body exactly what it needs. Shakeology does just that. Click here for more information Shakeology.

Question: “Okay. I want to order a program and Shakeology. What’s the best way to go?”

Two words: ‘Challenge Pack’. This is the most cost effective way to ramp up your program with the proper nutrition. Ordering a Challenge Pack automatically puts you on the ‘Home Direct’ plan giving you FREE Shipping. Shakeology shows up at your door every 30 days – EasyPeasy. Cancel any time…although, why would you?!

Question: “Okay, what’s in it for you then?”

For any product you order from me (or from this site), we earn a small commission from Beachbody. This helps to compensate us for our time coaching others.

For us, this is secondary though. Our real prize is through helping you achieve greater health and fitness, and witnessing your body transformation! 

Choosing a Beachbody Challenge Pack:

With so many amazing program options, it can be difficult to choose. If you need help deciding on what will work best for you…

Step one: Is to Sign up for a free membership at Team Beachbody. This sets me up as your free coach so I can give you personalized support. There’s no obligation to proceed even after signing up – this just connects us so I can work with you directly and answer you in more detail. 

Step two: Is to send me an email so we can discuss your specific goals and potentially decide on a program that will work for you.

Ok – I’m Ready, So what’s the Breakdown?

  • Sign up for your free account (big green button below) and set Mike Whitney as your Coach.
  • This gets our dialogue going and we can determine your goals.
  • Then we’ll choose a Challenge Pack (or just supplements) for you.
  • I invite you to the next Challenge Group.
  • You commit to the process for 90 days (and beyond!)
  • You reap the rewards of SUCCESS using Exercise + Nutrition + Support
  • We all win!

Ready for the Challenge Group?
By signing me up as your Beachbody Coach, I can help you choose the right program, help fit your workout into your daily routine, and assist you with information on diet and exercise for FREE.


Final thoughts on overall ‘costs’.

Clint D. Body Beast Transformation

Clint D. Body Beast Results

The start-up cost for your challenge pack is truly an investment in you and your family versus an expense. We don’t think twice about eating out, stopping for a fancy coffee, or indulging in things that don’t really serve us.

Why do we hesitate when it comes to doing something that works for us?

How can you put a price on the benefits of improved health, increased energy and greater confidence in all aspects of your life?

It all comes down to what we choose and what we decide is a priority.

Take a look at our client results from joining our Challenge Groups using a Challenge Pack.