Focus T25 Schedule

Personally, I find it handy to have my own Focus T25 schedule, (or any program schedule) handy, in electronic format so I don’t have to carry around the print-copy that comes with the challenge pack. This way, if you lose your Focus T25 schedule that came with your DVDs or you are traveling, you have a copy on your device! Read the full Focus T25 review. If you don’t have a copy of Focus T25 yet, it is on sale until end of August, so grab it quick!

Focus T25 Review

Focus T25 ‘Alpha’ Schedule

Here is the Alpha Phase for the Focus T25 Schedule. Feel free ‘Right Click, Save As’ on the image to save a digital copy.

Focus T25 Alpha Schedule

Focus T25 Beta Schedule

Here is the Beta Phase for the Focus T25 Schedule. You can click on the Focus T25 Schedule and it will enlarge. Again, feel free ‘Right Click, Save As’ on the image to save a digital copy.

Focus T25 Beta Schedule

Does Focus T25 Look Like A Program you Want to do?

I’m super excited about Focus T25, and would be honored if you’d sign me up as your Beachbody Coach. Listen, I’ve been overweight, frustrated, discouraged and desperate to change my body. I know how it feels to carry that ‘extra weight’, both mentally and physically. Taking a chance on Beachbody back in 2008, I dropped close to 30 lbs in 3 months and have only improved on my physique since then. I’ve never looked back, and now I want to pay it forward.

Yes! I want you to be my coach!

This said, I’m extremely passionate about helping others achieve optimal fitness and health. ‘Bad genes’, or any other reason why you think you can’t get in shape are simply excuses used to stay in your present state. Often we need the support and knowledge of a professional to raise us up and help us on our journey. That is my commitment to you.  To add me as your free coach, just click this link! I’ll get you in a private Facebook  ‘Challenge Group‘ where we can work out together to keep each other accountable; That’s the secret to getting the results you want.

If you are looking to purchase Focus T25, you will get a Bonus DVD if you purchase through me and get either the Focus T25 Base Kit ($119.85) or the Focus T25 Challenge Pack that comes with Shakeology and free shipping ($180).

I can’t wait to get you started on your journey! I lost close to 30 pounds in 90 days! I know you can do it too!

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