Client Results

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The following client results are from previous challengers who agreed to share their experiences. It is our hope that their results will inspire you to simply say ‘yes’ to your own health and fitness.

These are real people — parents, nurses, teachers, tradesmen – heck, we’ve even coached other coaches and dieticians. Everyone here (ourselves included) have reached out to a coach to improve their game. That’s just called ‘working smarter’.

Note: These photos are untouched; no airbrushing, and no manipulation of light/shadow. In some instances, I’ve cropping them out of their respective backgrounds for a better focus on their ‘after’ photo, but nothing more.

We could have simply put the must stunning transformations up, but we wanted to keep things real so that you can see that everyone has a different start point. The starting point doesn’t matter — what matters is that you start. Health and fitness is a lifelong pursuit, so the journey for our clients, as well as for ourselves, never truly ends.

It is our hope that one of these transformations will resonate with you and inspire you to take action. You have everything you need to reach your goals already inside you – we just help guide you and illuminate the path.

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Client Results

What Our Clients Have to Say: