How To Lose Weight in 7 Days With Ease

and get you from hiding to thriving!

Living on salad greens or depriving yourself of certain foods is neither an enjoyable nor a sustainable life-plan. Similarly, counting calories with mathematical precision is not fun for most people either. If you want to learn how to lose weight in 7 days using a holistic and focused plan that will preserve lean muscle and melt away body fat, then I wrote this article with you in mind.

How To Lose Weight in 7 Days

Heather’s 1-Year Beachbody Transformation

74 lbs down, but what she's gained... beyond measure.

I remember my first conversation with Heather just over a year ago. Not only was she depressed and feeling like a stranger in her own body, she was desperate and wanted to free herself from the ‘prison’ she was in. 1 year later, her entire life has transformed. She’s a better mom, wife, and loves herself again!

Heather Woon Lost 75 lbs!

Mike’s P90X Transformation

Flash-back to 2008. My wife and I had just moved into our second home, were recently married, and had our first baby on the way. I had all of the typical ‘new father’ anxiety and wanted to do everything right, and not repeat the mistakes my parents had made (boy was I in for some challenges – that’s another blog post ;) ). I read all the parenting books and felt about as ready as I could for our beautiful little girl to enter the world… that is, except for one nagging issue; I was fat and depressed.


Crystal’s 21 Day Fix Extreme Transformation

Crystal is an extremely busy mom, but that didn't stop her!

We discussed Crystal’s goals before starting 21 Day Fix Extreme and she wanted to lose the weight she’d put on over the previous years. She explained later that our Challenge was like nothing she had ever done before and in 3 short months she was able to carve out a tight 6-pack and regain her strength and confidence. In fact, she achieved better health and fitness at 37 than ever before in her life!

Crystal's 21 Day Fix Extreme Transformation

Brandon’s Body Beast Transformation

Brandon is a business owner, father and on the go with renovations and tons of hobbies. Translation: he’s extremely busy! He didn’t let his excuses stop him and absolutely ‘killed it’ in 3 short months. Because of his dedication, he was featured in the 2014 official Body Beast infomercial – pretty cool stuff.

Brandon's Body Beast Transformation