Fixate Cookbook By Autumn Calabrese

The Fixate Cookbook by Autumn Calabrese is the perfect compliment to your 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme Program. In fact, many of the recipes in Autumn’s cookbook are my go-to meals, regardless of which Beachbody program I’m doing. With over 100 recipes that fall with the portion control plan and color-coded containers, you’ll never run out of delicious, healthy recipes your entire family will enjoy.

Fixate Cookbook by Autumn Calabrese

Simple Salmon Cakes that Actually Kick Ass

Life gets busy. Sometimes we get in a rush and our meal prep goes out the window. Yep, it happens… but having some staples in the pantry can help insure your clean eating stays the course! For us, that means even when the girls are climbing up our legs, the dogs are barking in a chorus of chaos, and life is set to a ’10’. These simple salmon cakes (that actually kick ass!) are easy to put together AND are ‘kid approved’ – that right there makes it worth sharing!

Salmon Cakes

Thai Red Curry Chicken Cauliflower Rice

An Asian inspired dinner that will feel like a 'cheat'.

So, I recently realized that I was in an eating rut!!! It happens – the holiday season is over (leaving me feeling less festive), the weather’s still cold (making me less inclined to make frequent trips to the grocery store), and there’s a lack of fresh produce to be had… Well, THANKFULLY there were a few things that happened recently to help me realize the funk I was in and motivate me to be a little more creative with our dinners again – leading me to putting together a fantastic dinner of Thai Red Curry Chicken Cauliflower Rice.  I’m EXCITED to share it with anyone who is finding themselves in the same rut!


Skinny Italian Wedding Soup

This is a Winter Favourite in our House!

Most people, when they think of homemade soup, think that it takes many hours or even days to create something tasty – but that’s just not true!  Not only that, but they are MUCH better for you (and fresher too!) than the canned soups you find down the grocery aisle.  


Healthy Shakeology Peanut Butter Cups

Yeah, I made these - and they were damn tasty!

So, my wife went to San Francisco for 10 days for a leadership conference and left me home with the girls (anyone remember the 80s movie, ‘Mr. Mom’?). I’m not going to lie – the first few days were a wakeup call, but after I found my groove, the girls and I were humming along like a well-oiled machine.