How To Lose Weight in 7 Days With Ease

and get you from hiding to thriving!

Living on salad greens or depriving yourself of certain foods is neither an enjoyable nor a sustainable life-plan. Similarly, counting calories with mathematical precision is not fun for most people either. If you want to learn how to lose weight in 7 days using a holistic and focused plan that will preserve lean muscle and melt away body fat, then I wrote this article with you in mind.

How To Lose Weight in 7 Days

Fixate Cookbook By Autumn Calabrese

The Fixate Cookbook by Autumn Calabrese is the perfect compliment to your 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme Program. In fact, many of the recipes in Autumn’s cookbook are my go-to meals, regardless of which Beachbody program I’m doing. With over 100 recipes that fall with the portion control plan and color-coded containers, you’ll never run out of delicious, healthy recipes your entire family will enjoy.

Fixate Cookbook by Autumn Calabrese

Simple Salmon Cakes that Actually Kick Ass

Life gets busy. Sometimes we get in a rush and our meal prep goes out the window. Yep, it happens… but having some staples in the pantry can help insure your clean eating stays the course! For us, that means even when the girls are climbing up our legs, the dogs are barking in a chorus of chaos, and life is set to a ’10’. These simple salmon cakes (that actually kick ass!) are easy to put together AND are ‘kid approved’ – that right there makes it worth sharing!

Salmon Cakes

5 Best Trainer Secrets To Crush your Hardest Workouts

... and why you should start using them right away.

We all have ‘those’ workouts. Work, kids, hectic schedules, Timmy’s little league game, domestic ‘duties’ – hey, we’ve been there and ARE there. Life is busy for everyone, but we’ve learned that nothing just ‘happens’ unless we pause, are clear with our intentions and MAKE things happen. Here are 5 Best Trainer Secrets To Crush your Hardest Workouts…

5 Best Trainer SecretsTo Crush your Hardest Workouts

Thai Red Curry Chicken Cauliflower Rice

An Asian inspired dinner that will feel like a 'cheat'.

So, I recently realized that I was in an eating rut!!! It happens – the holiday season is over (leaving me feeling less festive), the weather’s still cold (making me less inclined to make frequent trips to the grocery store), and there’s a lack of fresh produce to be had… Well, THANKFULLY there were a few things that happened recently to help me realize the funk I was in and motivate me to be a little more creative with our dinners again – leading me to putting together a fantastic dinner of Thai Red Curry Chicken Cauliflower Rice.  I’m EXCITED to share it with anyone who is finding themselves in the same rut!


5 Best Tips To Eat Healthy While Traveling

Have you ever semi-dreaded traveling or taking a vacation just because you didn’t want to come back from it 5 to 10 pounds heavier? You’re not alone! This is a common worry for our clients who have been working hard on their health and fitness goals and want to maintain their results. Coming up are my 5 Best Tips To Eat Healthy While Traveling and help keep you on track with your goals.

5 Best Tips To Eat Healthy While Traveling

Beachbody Program Macronutrient Ratios

Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Bulking

Alright – here’s a scenario that may be familiar to you: You’re pressing play and crushing your Body Beast, Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix, or any other Beachbody workout. Despite all this amazing effort in the ‘gym’, you just aren’t seeing the payoff for your hard work. What gives? Beachbody Program Macronutrient Ratios are your keys to success. Are you using the correct one? No?! Then read on…

Macronutrient Needs